Small Businesses needing to transport items/goods within the city can use SwiftFly mobile app to schedule a pickup and specify drop instructions. The items / goods to be transported can range from anything such as chairs to food to something more fragile like glass panes.


This is a design sprint that I did for one my side project Basically, a two day action of — research,, wireframing, designing and documenting the whole process parallely. To reduce the scope of design I have to go with customer base that I am easily to accessible


Due to time constraint, I had reduced the scope of the design. Firstly I targeted this design to be used by small retails shops to transport their good on demand. Basically Uber for good transport.

The design only consists of the consumer part of the whole design. I kicked off this project with user interview to get a better understanding of the user I am designing for. This helped me to point out their pain points of the user. After user interview, I was able to sketch proto-persona detailing their demographics, behavior, and needs.

User Persona acted good tool help which helped me be to come up with ideas and assumptions which would help to resolve the user problems. After sketching ideas I started creating wireframing the concept app. Wireframing helped to come with iteration very fast and get feedback with user flow and an overall understanding of app to the user.