Good Karma Sprint


Yoga studios find it difficult to sign up new customers for yoga classes. A lot of people call up the studios for training details and many of them even visit their website, but only a fraction of them actually sign up for a training class. Yoga studios just couldn't provide a great onboarding experience and also found it very hard to manage leads.



We have observed that yoga studio's isn’t meeting these goals of following up with leads and lead management within a studio. Which was leading to low conversion rate.


The hypothesis statement is a way of expressing assumptions in a testable form. It is composed of the following elements:

  • Assumptions: A high-level declaration of what we believe to be true.
  • Outcomes: More granular descriptions of our assumptions that target specific areas of our product or workflow for experimentation.
  • Personas: Models of the people for whom we believe we are solving a problem.
  • Features: The product changes or improvements we believe will drive the outcomes we seek.


Collaborative design over designing on an island. Design should not be a solo exercise. Being a design team of one is no excuse. I use the design studio process and adopt the role of facilitator.