This will be my first blog post that I am putting together. I am not sure how exactly it will turn out to be, so I am just gonna let it write itself.

I decided to write this blog to convey my experience initially as a front developer and designer, also putting together blog post lets me question my own work. I am confused most time and hence writing it down helps me organize my thoughts better

Challenge ?

Sharing my experience as developer and designer is something I really wish to do but I was putting it on hold as I was not good at expressing my thoughts in words. I find it rather challenging and it provides me a platform to improve myself. I assume if I do this often presumably I will get better.

As of now, I envision this blog as a showcase for:

  • Thoughts on design—UI, interaction.
  • Thoughts on how I came up with a solution to a problem.
  • Code snippets that I find useful to other users.
  • My experience in learning Rails.
  • and more?

Based on that keep an eye on things I share and try to take the best of from it.

P.S This post was my first post. Try not to take anything I say too seriously.

Questions ?

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