Create a way of to improve the conference calling experience for people working in startups and freelancers who struggle in

  • Scheduling meeting with co-workers.
  • Switching between calendar and conference app to schedule meetings.
  • Spending too much time to set up a meeting with co-workers.
  • Ensuring everyone is present before the call.
  • Sharing information to and from among


For my research, I initially conducted quick and open-ended (unstructured) interviews to find out the current problems that my friend working in startups often face while setting up the conference.


I have a hard time …

  • Ensuring the availability of other users in conference while setting up conference
  • Switching between different application calendar and conference app (Skype) to check there is no conflict in schedule.
  • Ensuring each person is ready to start meeting before meeting
  • Keeping track of all the calls
  • Recalling the all conversation after the conference has finished.
  • Getting context of the meeting.

I Wanted to…

  • Need to know about availability of the other users in conference
  • One place to know all my scheduled calls
  • Recall every piece of information shared between user in conference
  • Notification regarding all the meeting which happens to go to happen
  • Able find all documents which I needed to attend the call in one place.




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